University of Utah - School of Computing Mirror Server

Site Mirrored Local HTTP Local FTP Description HTTP FTP The Apache Project
CentOS HTTPS Mirror is at CHPC now The Community ENTerprise Operating System
CPAN HTTP FTP The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
Gentoo HTTP FTP Gentoo Linux Distribution
GNU HTTP FTP GNU ftp repository HTTP FTP The Linux Kernel Archives
For Knoppix, please see the dist directory.
Linuxpackages HTTP FTP Linux Packages Slackware package site
OpenOffice Extras HTTP FTP OpenOffice Extras
OpenOffice HTTP FTP OpenOffice Office Suite
OpenSuSE HTTP FTP OpenSuSE Linux
Postfix HTTP FTP Postfix WWW pages
Postfix HTTP FTP Postfix source code
Putty HTTP FTP A Free Telnet/SSH Client
Samba HTTP FTP Open Source SMB/CIFS Implementation
Slackware HTTP FTP Slackware Linux Distribution
SuSE HTTP FTP SuSE Linux Distribution
Ubuntu HTTP FTP Ubuntu Linux Distribution Packages
Ubuntu HTTP FTP Ubuntu Linux Distribution Releases
Meta Mirror HTTP FTP Meta List of all mirrored sites
All mirrored sites can also be accessed via rsync as well. Just run rsync for a listing of rsync modules.